Nida Art Colony Radio Wave Bridge

INTER-FORMAT SYMPOSIUM Reinventing Interdisciplinarity. Welcome to the non-stop event shifting from performance to lecture to basketball game to sauna broadcast to performative discussion to artists guided site/sight/seeing to discursive dinner to role play to interactive buffet to screening to imaginary cartography to workshop to tea ritual to slow reading to sonic massage to knowledge sharing to book launch to critical sauna to guided orientation to conceptual sentiments. Nida is known as a charming resort on the Baltic Sea coast – our intention is to re-brand it as a site for reinvention of interdisciplinarity between art & research & science. Notes from Nida Art Colony. A month on the Curonian Spit. Daily notes on life in a Lithuanian artist's community by Jodi Rose, Artist in Residence, Nida Art Colony 2011. In the framework of T.R.A.C.E.S. Transcultural Research Artist Curator Exchange Series and Inter-Format Symposium 2011, Nida Art Colony & Vilnius Academy of the Arts.